UNIC prints are fabricated in Austria under highest labour and environmental standards. Inks used are water based, free of solvents and GOTS certified.

Paper Weave

Paperweave has echoes of a natural coarse weave fabric. However it is constructed from hand applied rough hewn paper fibres to create a Unic optic.

Fil Colle

Emulating the delicacy of a raw textured silk. Fil Colle is composed of single linen threads that are so tightly woven that the surface of this non woven ground is a 100% linen.

Non Woven

Planet Friendly. Our Nonwoven is free from PVC, solvents, plastic and glass. It is a high end product that is also versatile and sustainable.


Sisal is our hand woven wall covering quality, crafted from the naturally occurring fibres harvested from the Argave Cactus Sisal plant. Due to it’s method of production it is characteristically highly textured and organic in nature.

Paper String

Paperstring is an exquisitely made by hand wall covering, whereby single fine paper strings are folded and then applied to a backing carrier paper. This results in an optic that is ‘understated opulence’.


’Timeless Elegance’ best describes our super fine linen wall covering. It is the perfect ground to convey our high end Art; especially when considering the panel size width we offer for Tino.


The label UNIC has been founded to bring joy into our life. It shall reflect the variety and richness of cultures and human life in a bespoke unique way.

It is our desire to support people’s wellbeing and to take care of our common natural resources.